Memo to William Reed re: Hyperborea
music by Chris Colthart
4:20 minutes

Colthart’s hypnotic drone put me in the meditative, transportative state I experienced on the voyage, falling into worlds and dimensions long hidden. The video is a view from within the hollow earth.


Arctic Trumpet Recursion (Lichen)
sound by Stephanie Richards
1:38 minutes

One of the most surprising revelations of the expedition was the abundance of life and color that spotted the landscape where I expected to find ice, snow and stone. Richards restrained, clear trumpets provide perfect counterpoint to these small bursts.


Ice Sun Seal Feedback
video by Steve Anderson and Karl Erickson
sound by Steve Anderson
6:26 minutes

Underwater video images courtesy of Michael Eckblad,
It took my days to really learn to see the glaciers, ice surfaces and shifting seascape. Anderson and I sought to capture this delirious, delicious moment of uncertainty, where newness is beyond interpretation.


Mal de Mer
sound by Tunde Adebimpe
3:52 minutes

The greatest challenge on the trip was, perhaps, the occasional bouts of foul seas that made me question of the survivability of ship voyage. My cure: staring at the horizon through the camera viewfinder, doubly my stability atop the shifting surface.


Ziost Shadow (Torimo Arctic edit)
sound by Todd Carter, original track Hidenori Sasaki
9:28 minutes

Underwater video images courtesy of Michael Eckblad. Glacier and Ice still images courtesy of Paul Teolis,
Above all, the Arctic was for me peaceful, clean and calm. A restorative, chordal drone.


Stand By Me
sound by Careful (Eric Lindley)
2:09 minutes

The ecstatic feeling of the 24-hour sun is tempered by the fragility of the Arctic landscape. Lindley’s gossamer interpretation of Stand By Me captured these emotions perfectly, and the video moves towards the ever-shifting landscape, physical and emotional, of Svalbard.

The complete videos, and others, can be viewed on my Monotonic Surfaces: An Account of the Arctic Regions page.

Karl Erickson CV in PDF format


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