dance by Karl Erickson
music by Eric Lindley
performed at Winter Shack, March 1, 2014

This performance combines a butoh-influenced dance, science fiction and a drone version of the folk song “Froggy Goes A-courting.”

The dance is a deconstruction of the “rave jog” popularized by The Happy Monday’s hype man Bez in the 1990s. The alien astronaut character is based on “Ro-Man” from the sci-fi B-movie “Robot Monster.” Like Mr. Frog and Miss Mouse from “Froggy Goes A-Courting,” the monster Ro-Man is experiencing cross species love, hoping its consummation would result in the evolution of his consciousness and species.

All of the elements – rave, butoh, sci-fi, folk music – have elements of outsiderness, identity, consciousness expansion, ecstasy, and (r)evolution. In our performance we sought to create a meditative moment in which a glimpse of what can be next in our evolutionary horizon.

Cross Species Courting Rave Drone at Winter Shack | 2014 | Collaboration, Evolution