I am awed to have been invited to be part of The Arctic Circle Expedition during the 2013 Summer Solstice. I have the opportunity to join a select group of artists, writers and scientists aboard a 150-foot tall ship sailing in the Arctic Ocean. The group will explore the Svalbard archipelago, just ten degrees from the North Pole, for over two weeks this summer.

My desire to join the expedition is because of my ongoing artistic exploration of vision and how the confusion of it can be powerful motivation for understanding the world in new ways. The optical phenomenon of the Arctic Circle offer a rich vein to further my explorations and experimentations.

In order to raise the funds to be part of the expedition, I have launched a kickstarter campaign, with lots of great rewards, like latch-hook eyeballs, hand drawn postcards and more! Check it out:

If you can be part of this amazing adventure, please visit my kickstarter page.

For more about The Arctic Circle Expedition visit:



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