Some upcoming events, from New York to Austria to Washington to the Moon.

If in New York:

This is the last week for my exhibition at Field Projects. I am also releasing a print for the show.

We Could Be
Transcendent Apes 

Gallery hours: Thursday-Saturday 12-6
Closing Reception:
Saturday, Feb 20th, 4-6pm

Field Projects
526 W 26th Street, #807
NY, NY 10001

The project features multiple videos telling the abstracted story of monster sent to earth to destroy the human race but instead, finds itself on a spiritual quest. It takes inspiration from sci-fi B-movies, the utopian ideals of rave culture and self-help literature.

The videos feature artist Jody Wood and music by Todd CarterChris ColthartKelly Marie Martin, and myself. The video works are accompanied by drawings, a selection of online animated GIFS, and a limited edition zinewith illustrations, an interview between Esther Ruiz and myself, and writings by Blair MurphyIsh Klein and Greg Purcell.

The solarplate print was made with artist and master printer Lisa Mackie.

More details about the exhibition can be found here.

If in Washington:
A single-channel version of We Could Be Transcendent Apes will be screening at:

Spaceness 2016
February 19-21 at the Sou’wester Lodge in Seaview, WA.

SPACENESS is an annual event that brings artists and thinkers together on the Long Beach Penninsula on the Washington Coast to explore our shared experiences of time and space and the gaps in our understanding of the universe. This 3-day event features visual art as well as music, performance, experiments, and lectures.

I’m excited to be part of the weekend long event, especially by my friend Bob Dornberger’s “Surface to Air” sandwich launching cannon.

If in Austria:
My video Memo to William Reed re: Hyperborea, with sound by Chris Colthart will be screened at:

Stadtkino Grein

Kreuznerstr. 2, 4360 Grein
Oberosterreich, Austria

Sunday, February 21

If on the Moon (or in Washington):
Artists were asked for proposals of what art they would make on the moon. I proposed to make glam-rock inspired space suits for an astronaut and myself to wear while dancing on the lunar surface. They accepted. I am making a stop-motion video to demonstrate what this would look like. One of the crazier art events I have been involved with, lots of great projects about Moon art.
Giant Steps
King Street Station
303 S. Jackson Street
Seattle, WA
March 3-27

Transcendent Ape (Ice Floe Meditation)
Back in NYC:
Rounding out the spring, Field Projects will be screening my video We Could Be Transcendent Apes – Meditation Module (filmed on an ice floe in the Arctic) at Volta NY on the video wall.

Volta NY
March 2–6, 2016

Pier 90
New York, NY

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