My video Talk to Your Plants About Uplift Experiences is included in the Indie Memphis Film Festival “Aniexpialidocious (Animated Shorts)” screening. You can stream all of the fantastic animations here.
I am thrilled to be included in the Film Festival along with my colleague Trimiko Melancon, and former students Emily Burkhead and Ethan Garland. Please check out their videos as well. 

still from Talk To Your Plants About Uplift Experiences

And, my video Sibling Ascension 2: Xylocopa is included in the online exhibition “The End is Semipermeable
The virtual exhibition space is excitingly bewildering, so take some time to look around. You can get through the “membrane” at a few points around the surface, including at the top. You can read more about the show here.

Sibling Ascension 2 installation view, The End Is Semipermeable

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