A Selection of Texts for the “We Could Be Transcendent Apes” project

(Attributions in progress!)

First Series: To destroy, mercilessly, without any compromise

whatsoever…the beliefs and views, by centuries rotted in him about
everything existing in the world.

WHAT IS LIFE? Although perfectly understood by the scientists of the
earth’s first great civilization, life has always been one of the
great mysteries of modern scientists.

…a breakthrough of imagination, a breakthrough of recognition of the
health of the body of the individual and the planet as against the
poisons of hyper-industrialization, and breakthrough of human feeling
again: a return to human feeling after the homogenization and
objectification or reification of human feelings due to automatic
reproduction in the computerized machine age. So those are the stakes.

You are the lion amid the sterile world around you.

We are alienated. What’s that all about? Existential lovers in a
plastic society. Our very existence is disruptive. Long hair and
freaky clothes are total information. It is not necessary to know we are
opposed to the —-. Everybody already knows. It is a mistake to tell
people what they already know. We alienate people. We involve people.
Attract-repel. We play on the generation gap. Parents shit. They are
baffled, confused. They want the cool lion. We tear through the
streets. Kids love it. They understand on an internal level. We are
living TV ads, movies. Yippie! There is no program. Program would make
our movement sterile. We are living contradictions. I cannot really
explain it. I do not even understand it myself.

The civilizations of the past have been used as the foundation of the
civilization of today. Because of this, the world keeps looking toward
the past for guidance. Too many people are following the past. In this
new space age, this is dangerous. The past is DEAD and those who are
following the past are doomed to die and be like the past. It is no
accident that those who die are said to have passed since those who
have PASSSED are PAST.

The old reasoning, which involves a preoccupation with objects,
appears to someone using the new reasoning, as childishly unsane.

As the pressure builds, it’s easy to start thinking too much. But if you are always trying to figure the game out, you won’t be able to respond creatively to what’s going on… The key is seeing and doing. If you are focusing on anything other than reading the court and doing what needs to be done, the moment will pass you by. (Phil Jackson pg 50)

A coquettish or anguished grimace – and even more so Dadaistic nihilism can be productive if one considers the artistic result. Here again the differences lies in the point of departure. I find no reason to talk of grimaces and negation. I have no feeling of an artistic construct, nor of a state of emergency. This is normal. A constructive Dadaism, and thus, not Dada at all. (Fahlstrom pg 59 manifesto for concrete poetry)

One thing is certain, and can always be depended on. That is: the
proportions of the various forces which go to make up the life force
never vary, so that the volume of the life force may be computed by
the reigning temperature, as the force heat constitutes one of the
forces in the compound life force.

Pray about that goal to be sure that it is right, for if it isn’t
right, it’s wrong, and nothing wrong ever turns out right.

There is a race against time. It is just possible that a further
transformation is possible if men can come experience themselves as
“One of Us.” If, even on the basis of the crassest self-interest, we
can realize that We and They must be transcended in the totality of
the human race, if we in destroying them are not to destroy us all.

I just don’t see any reason to enter time into clocks or put things in a calendar. The past and future are here with us now.
… It is the story of illumination. It is a spiritual story. All these things are done to break the linear notion of time. (Jordorowsky, interviewed by Aitken)

Indeed, the conception of time outside the present moment is surely a formative act of abstraction altogether. ( time by Hoffman pg. 79)

It’s more important that people know that some kind of pleasure can be
derived from things that are around them; and if people aren’t going
to have a reason to change, they’re never going to change. Any kind of
evidence can be presented – it’s like a political move – that’s

Have motivation, a deep inner self-belief, and never let anyone or
anything take it from you. Remember Walt Disney.

Every body throughout the universe is moving in a neutral zone, and
clear of all other bodies. To affect any of the celestial bodies,
something must happen to the great supreme force which is controlling
the universe. The neutral zones have been arranged so that no two
bodies can collide or run into each other.

The impossible attracts me because everything possible has been done
and the world didn’t change.

Discover new paths of enlightenment and a clearer understanding of the
divine fabric of matter itself.

Shutting your eyes immediately turns on the Alpha rhythm in the brain,
about 20 to a second. Ping-Pong balls cut in half are quite good
because they fit in the eye sockets and you can open your eyes under
there and it’s a flat visual field. They’re cheap and efficient.

What doesn’t exist is important.

The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look
for the circumstances they want, and if they can’t find them, make
them. That is the attitude that works wonders in handling problems. It
is always too soon to quit.

Eventually the brain develops a store of it’s own imagery, which it can “look at” and recombine in new ways, independently of sensory input. ( time by Hoffman pg. 78)

The same with the image. I do not play aesthetical games, or make preconceived jokes or things like that. Several times I have risked my life. (Jordorowsky, interviewed by Aitken)

Naturally the situation exists. There are certain ways you can evade
the responsibility, but it’s like the wages of sin is death. I try not
to do that. I’ve reformed, but the strain on the poor fevered brain,
of adjusting to capitalism after years of being a sort of Robin Hood

Second Series: To acquaint the reader with the material required for a
new creation and to prove the soundness and good quality of it.

Blank space is the transmission of information whereby the viewer has
an opportunity
to become involved as a participant.

If I could turn you on, if I could drive you out of your wretched
mind, if I could tell you I would let you know.

We will never try what has succeeded in the past for in point of fact
nothing has.

Everything turns out to be one great conscious Self whose organs are
every different living being, so that this Self conceives and
perceives in every different possible way at once, vaster than words.

The times are the times they are, spectacularly bad times comparable
only to the last days of Rome, Pompeii, or Atlantis where the populace
walks about in the streets demolished into settings for assassination,
haunted by slowly crawling patrol cars and police bristling in every
dark doorway like roaches, glad not to be in jail, and never aware of
the problem – a staggering social problem, the only social problem in
fact, inflicted by courts become Orchid Foundations supported by the
police, made to feel like cockroaches deserting a sinking continent
where no one is more confused than the roaches themselves who think we
are inviting them to live in our houses behind some past crust or
other, and where our schools are busily erasing the history of the
recent past by presenting ancient history as history.

I would tell people on this planet that there are forces: their job is
to slow you up. And you are supposed to keep moving.

It’s interesting these people that tried to work out the law of social
entropy. These psychedelic drugs among mental amplifiers which could
be things like telephones, telegraphs… all the things our communities
had classified as tools, which are three classes of things: wheels,
levers, and screws. They are under (the classification) mental

In this journey there are many occasions to lose one’s way, for
confusion, partial failure, even final shipwreck; many terrors,
spirits, demons to be encountered, that may or may not be overcome.

Never forget that ours is the battle against a machine not against
people. If however, people behave like machines, treat them as such.
If a machine slips on a banana peel, we all laugh. If a person slips
on a banana peel we help him off the ground. Our job is to line the
streets of the country with banana peels.

In this particular type of journey, the direction we have taken is
back and in, because it was way back that we started to go down and

Man will become better and more nearly perfect, living consistently
with his great knowledge. Struggles and bickerings will be unknown.
Nations with their cravings for power and wealth will disappear. There
will be one great union of the communities of mankind, each being in
truth a brother to the other.

What practical meaning does original have, applied to the imagination?
We originate nothing. The origin of all things is outside of
ourselves. We have only to scratch the icing to find beneath –
centuries of icing.

Believe that you have inherent in your mind all the resources you will
ever need.

When I speak of freedom, I do not speak of freedom of the land of the
liberty or the freedom of any land of this plane of existence, for
this plane of existence is only a temporary illusion… shadows and
images that sometimes intermingle with the delusion sent for “he sent
upon them a strong delusion in order that they might believe a lie;”
but and then, there is more than one lie.

Third Series: To assist the arising, the mentation and, in the
feelings of the reader, of the veritable, non-fantastic representation
not of that illusory world which he now perceives but of the new world
existing in reality.

Be bold, and mighty powers will come to your aid.

No rules, speeches won’t do, leaders are full of shit. Pull your
clothes off (Make Love, Not war), punch a marshal, jump a wall, do a
dance, sing a song, paint the building, blow it up, charge, and get

…a sense of being self-prophetic master of the universe.

All disease can be conquered by appropriately colored light rays.

Color can, of course, also provide exciting aesthetic values especially if one makes use of four-color printings opportunities for saturated mixed colors, instead of just spreading shrill pure colors. (fahlstrom pg 115 comics as an art)

Perhaps the most intimate way We can be united is through each of us
being in, and having inside ourselves, the same presence. This is
nonsense in any external sense, but here we are exploring a mode of
experience which does not recognize the distinctions of analytic

Did we not know?
Did we not know: That all things that were spoken, were so. All the
things that were written were so.  Even all the things were thought
were so.
Now every so is equal so
So plus so plus so is so.
They say one reaps what one has soed.

Formulate a goal; not a fuzzy vague goal, but one that is sharp,
clearly defined and specific – very specific.

These years have taught us all to meditate more and analyze better. We
no longer accept any “self-evident” truth. “Self-evident” truths
belong to the bourgeois philosophy. A whole series of old clichés must
be abolished. Revolutionary political literature itself should be
renewed because repeating the same old clichés, phraseology and
verbiage that have been repeated for 35 years wins no one, convinces
no one at all.

…there is such a thing as the pyramid of ascending knowledge – most
people are down here on the lower level and you move up the pyramid
decreases and so the knowledge becomes more condensed.

The universe is made up of elements and forces.
Most of the elements are apparent to vision.
None of the forces can be seen by the human eye.
Elements and forces are indispensable to each other. All movements are
made through the agency of forces.
If there were no elements, then only the supreme force could exist.
Without the forces the elements would be dead and immovable.
All earthly elements emit rays.
Forces do not emit rays.

Sanity does not exist in our state of being, so we don’t particularly have to try to work it out logically. We don’t have to prove that something is happening or not happening. The basic dissatisfaction is that we are not willing to submit to the suppression of our confusion. ( crazy wisdom pg 60)

For a while it seemed to be due to increased communication, and
especially getting off the earth seemed to make it possible to have
some kind of worldview.

The trick- you know, if there’s one thing that the serious art can do, is that it can try to put you in places where you’re more alive to hearing that. You know? That it can seduce you into paying attention to stuff in a way that’s hard to pay attention to. (dfw, pg 189)

And the trick about that stuff is to have it be honest, but also have it be a lot more interesting. I mean that most of our thoughts aren’t all that interesting.they’re mostly just confused. (dfw pg 215)

Redefining the source of the divine and realizing new dimensions of reality.

A way shall be found before a why shall be found. ( eno)

Saints may still be kissing lepers. It is high time that the leper
kissed the saint.

We could become transcendental apes. ( crazy wisdom pg 60)


…a planetary crisis that had not been recognized by any government, nor
the politicians who were preparing for the elections; (a) threat the
younger people of America were aware of that and that precisely as
what was called psychedelic consciousness; that we were going to
gather together…to manifest our presence over and above the presence
of the more selfish elder politicians who were not thinking in terms
of that the children would need in future generations or even in the
generation immediately coming or even for themselves in their own
lifetime and were continuing to threaten the planet with violence, with
war, with mass murder, with germ warfare…

I wanted to make images so full of details that it would be impossible to see everything the first time. I wanted you to start seeing things the second time.    (Jordorowsky, interviewed by Aitken)

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